'Shot in the Foot by Prop. 103'

Zycher's critical comparison of Nader's Proposition 103 insurance reasoning favors Nader.

Canute II was not an emperor but the humble king of England and Denmark (1016-18 to 1035), renowned for his modesty and good sense for which history acknowledges his demonstration of the limitations of regal power. His nobles tried to convince him that his command could turn back the ocean tide; he took a chair (not the throne of England), to the Solent where the incoming sea failed to halt as he directed and forced Canute and the nobles to retreat as it lapped their feet. His chair can still be seen nearby the site of his lesson.

If the professor's ignorance of history is any guide to his knowledge of insurance, his UCLA pupils might well be advised to take extra coverage in all categories, particularly travel at sea.


Sun Valley

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