Rep.-Elect Dana Rohrabacher's Trip to Burma

Re Rep.-elect Dana Rohrabacher's visit to Burma:

Rohrabacher did not enter Burma illegally. That portion of Burma known as Kawthoolei, the liberated state under the jurisdiction of the Karen National Union, requires no visas and is beyond the reach of Dictator Ne Win's tyrannical writ.

I commend Rohrabacher for taking the initiative to see for himself the other side of the 40-year-old civil war in Burma in which the Karens, Kachins, Shans, Karennis, Mons and now the students and others have been struggling for freedom and democracy.

The stuffed shirts at the State Department might be better served if they followed Rohrabacher instead of branding all the dissidents as opium-growing scofflaws. Kudos to Rohrabacher.


Laguna Hills

Win is editor and publisher of the Burma Bulletin Newsletter in Laguna Hills.

Where do I sign for the recall of Dana Rohrabacher? Any congressman-elect who enters a foreign country illegally and promises anti-government students that he would seek U.S. support for their cause needs to be recalled. Did he get these ideas from his supporter, Ollie North?


Huntington Beach

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