'Flirting With Energy Chaos'

Your editorial referring to the energy chaos makes a lot of sense. Your suggestion of increasing the tax on gasoline would benefit our country in so many ways.

Just think. In addition to the 25 cents you suggested, another 25 cents per gallon would mean that we wouldn't need to make any cuts in Medicare, veterans' benefits, health, agriculture, space, energy, and regional development. Still another 25 cents would strengthen our Social Security system!

While our financial house would be put in order, other great benefits would accrue:

- People would be encouraged to drive less, relieving congestion on the highways and gridlock in our cities.

- Manufacturers would be encouraged to produce even greater fuel efficient cars.

- OPEC nations would have difficulty in raising oil prices, as price elasticity would reduce consumption.

- We would catch up with all the other advanced nations which have seen the wisdom of taxing fuel to conserve energy while funding their governments!


Los Angeles

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