FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE AGAIN: The revival of “Baby, I Love Your Way” by comes at an opportune time for Peter Frampton, who is about to begin recording his second album for Atlantic.

“I’m thrilled that someone covered it,” Frampton said. “I always thought it was a strong song. And it’s definitely not hurting my situation. People can’t seem to play the Will to Power record without saying, ‘Oh yeah, remember the original.”’

The best thing about the success of the medley from Frampton’s point of view is that it focuses attention on his songwriting, something that was overshadowed a decade ago by the media preoccupation with his poster-boy good looks.


“I think a lot of things got overlooked,” Frampton said. “Once that picture came out on the front of Rolling Stone of me with my shirt off, that sort of started everything going a little bit wrong.”

Largely to refocus attention on his musicianship, Frampton played guitar on David Bowie’s yearlong world tour in 1987.

“I think it reminded people that I’m a guitarist,” he said. “That was the first and foremost thing on my mind. And it got it away from any sort of image. I’m very against any sort of image because of what I’ve been through. People love to slot you and I want to make it very difficult (to do that) this time.”

Though Frampton has had his share of setbacks in his 22 years in the music business, he was optimistic about his upcoming album, due in June.

“I feel very good about the situation right now,” he said. “I’ve never written so many songs for one album. And having the song go to No. 1 just gives me a very nice feeling to go upstairs to my little studio and write something else.

“And obviously I’ve been trying to rewrite ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’ all week!”