Student Kills Teacher, Fires Into Classroom

United Press International

A student entered a private Christian school Friday, killed a teacher and wounded another and was firing randomly into a classroom full of children when his weapon jammed and he was subdued, police said.

The juvenile was apprehended at Atlantic Shores Christian School when the 9-millimeter machine pistol he was firing jammed. Police would not identify him but said he was a student at the school.

Authorities said they knew of no motive for the shootings.

The dead teacher was identified as Karen Farley of Virginia Beach. She and a second teacher, identified as Sam Marino, were shot as the student roamed from one classroom to another, police said. The two teachers reportedly were alone in separate classrooms when they were shot.


Police said the youth, believed to be about 15 years old, entered a third classroom filled with students and fired several shots before his gun jammed and he was subdued. None of the students were injured.

“Several shots were fired in that classroom and at that time the weapon jammed, thus probably saving numerous lives,” police spokesman Lewis Thurston said. It was not immediately clear who wrestled the gun from the student.