Chef Uses Hot Dough to Make Crispy Bread

Associated Press

Chef Albert Grabham cooked the most expensive dish of his career New Year’s Day: his restaurant’s profits from the night before.

Grabham hid the money collected on Saturday night in an oven but forgot about it the next day when he turned on the oven to make lunch.

The smell of burning pound notes wafted through the New House Hotel in west Wales before Grabham realized what he had done. By the time he reached the oven, more than $360 had gone up in smoke.


“The notes had burned to a cinder, the box had melted and the coins were stuck fast,” he said Monday.

“I could not face walking up four flights of stairs to put the money away properly. We had had a busy night and I was whacked.

“Now I am having to put up with jokes from customers, like hot money and crispy bread,” he said. “It serves me right I suppose.”