Confidence in Government

The front page on Dec. 22 tells a woeful story about the state of this country’s ethical outlook! Headlines state: “Drexel Admits Guilt; to Pay $650 Million;” “Army Officer Held for Selling Secrets to Soviets;” “U.S. Targets 4 Defense Firms for Prosecution,” and “Corporate Raider Bilzerian Charged With Stock Fraud.” All of these stories deal with a common theme: greed. No high ideological principles involved here--just get rich no matter how and to heck with any idea of patriotism or consideration of your fellow man.

Charities are failing to reach their goals. Insider trading abounds and the plight of the homeless becomes increasingly impossible to comprehend. Congress is held in contempt by more and more thinking people as its members feather their own nests at the expense of the electorate.

This situation has been allowed to fester and grow under the current Administration in which liars and perjurers are considered national heroes.

Is there going to be a change when the “kinder and gentler” Administration takes over?