Local News in Brief : Police Want to Talk to Rubin About Pig

Los Angeles police said Thursday they want to question Jewish Defense League leader Irv Rubin about a television videotape on which he apparently referred to the delivery of a pig to the home of activist Stanley Sheinbaum two days before it happened.

On Wednesday night, KCBS broadcast a videotape of a Friday press conference in which, the station said, Rubin could be heard saying off camera, ". . . be delivering a huge pig to Stanley Sheinbaum’s home.”

On Sunday, someone left a skinned, dead pig in the driveway of Sheinbaum’s West Los Angeles home. Sheinbaum acknowledged that some Jewish groups reacted angrily to the Stockholm meeting that he and four other American Jews had with Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat in an effort to help bring about negotiations with the United States.

“Based on the tapes that we’ve seen and the audio we’ve heard, we certainly have to talk to Irv Rubin,” Cmdr. William Booth said. He said officers are “viewing it as as a hatred incident,” which in certain cases can be prosecuted as a felony.


Earl Krugal, the local JDL chapter chairman, said the organization “has no knowledge of who did it, but we applaud the act highly. . . .”