Burgreen to Join March Today to Protest Gang Shooting

San Diego Police Chief Bob Burgreen is scheduled to join members of the Urban League of San Diego in a march from Market and 42nd streets today to the Mt. Hope Cemetery at 10 a.m. in protest of a Jan. 3 gang-related shooting death, police spokesman Dave Cohen said Friday.

Carlos Morales, 29, was found shot in an alley. Police say he was a Long Beach gang member, but he lived in San Diego.

The march is an effort to call attention to gang-related crimes committed in San Diego, said Leah Goodwin-Carter, an executive assistant at the Urban League. The Urban League and Burgreen pledged Nov. 5 to march the Saturday after any gang-related death.

“We are protesting gang-related shootings,” said Goodwin-Carter. “We’re saying, ‘Let’s put an end to fear this year.’ We can’t stop gangs by marching, but we can say we don’t approve.”


The Urban League has marched four times since November. An average of 300 people have turned out for each of the marches, Goodwin-Carter said.