West Covina : Parking Ban Delayed

The City Council, which was considering a comprehensive proposal to speed traffic on Azusa Avenue, put off adopting such a measure Wednesday until city staffers meet with residents whose curb-side parking would be curtailed or lost.

The city Traffic Committee recommended prohibiting all parking on the street’s busiest stretches, prohibiting parking on other parts of the street during rush hour and adding a third lane in each direction. This would most severely affect residents of 44 homes that have no driveway connection with Azusa Avenue and rely on curb-side parking, said Harry W. Thomas, public works division manager.

Councilman William Tarozzi suggested a three-month delay so that city staff members could further discuss the plan with residents. Councilman Bradley J. McFadden supported Tarozzi’s position but noted that traffic on the street is expected to reach capacity again soon after the recommendations would be adopted.