Local News in Brief : Anaheim : Anaheim Hills Home Height Limit May Rise


The 25-foot height limit on homes in the posh Anaheim Hills area would be raised to 30 feet for turrets, cupolas and other ornamental roof toppings under an ordinance proposed this week by the City Council.

Under the proposal, still to be drafted by the city attorney’s office, up to 10% of the length of a home’s roof line could be raised to 30 feet.

In Hidden Canyon and an adjacent tract area, the limit would be 35 feet. Only uninhabitable architectural features would be allowed, and homeowners could still ask the city for variances, Mayor Fred Hunter said.


The measure must still return to the City Council for approval. A date for that vote has not been set.

The proposed change follows numerous height variance requests from homeowners, most of which have been granted in recent years. Some residents have objected to the number of granted variances. Others, who favor greater heights, sought a more generous ordinance so that they would not have to seek variances.

The 25-foot limit applies only to the “scenic corridor” area of Anaheim Hills, a demarcation established in 1971 to preserve the rural character of the hills.