San Diego


Pictures of two murder victims’ throat wounds were shown Wednesday to the jury that is considering six murder charges against David Allen Lucas.

The photographs of Suzanne Jacobs, 31, and her son, Colin, 3, were displayed during the testimony of Dr. David Katsuyama, who performed the autopsies after they were killed May 4, 1979.

Lucas, 33, of Spring Valley, is charged with slaying the Jacobses in their Normal Heights home and with four other killings of East County residents.


Katsuyama said both Suzanne and Colin Jacobs bled to death because their jugulars were cut. The pathologist was to continue his testimony today.

Both Michael Jacobs, husband of Suzanne Jacobs, and her sister sat quietly in court during the testimony. They have attended the trial every day since it began Jan. 3.

Johnny Massingale finished his testimony Wednesday. Massingale was originally charged with killing the mother and her son in 1984, based on a confession he says he was pressured into making by a detective in Harlan County, Ky., where he lives.

Charges against Massingale were dropped in early 1985, and the same charges were later added against Lucas.

Lucas is also charged with killing Anne Swanke, 22, of San Carlos on Nov. 20, 1984; Rhonda Strang, 24, and Amber Fisher, 3, both of Lakeside, on Oct. 23, 1984, and Gayle Garcia, 29, of Spring Valley, on Dec. 8, 1981.

Lucas could be sentenced to death if convicted.