Gwen Moore, Sting Target, Elected as Assembly Whip

From a Times Staff Writer

Assemblywoman Gwen Moore (D-Los Angeles), whose office was raided in August by the FBI as part of its Capitol sting operation, has been elected majority whip by her fellow Democrats, it was announced Wednesday.

A source close to Assembly Speaker Willie Brown (D-San Francisco) said the action was to let people know that “we have confidence” Moore. The whip is the member responsible for alerting fellow Democrats to caucus positions and for tallying support and opposition before floor votes.

In 1986 and in 1988, Moore was author of special-interest bills to benefit phony companies set up by the FBI in the sting. They passed but were vetoed by Gov. George Deukmejian, who had been tipped off.


Moore received $10,500 in campaign contributions from the businessmen, including $3,500 funneled through a lobbying firm and a $5,000 contribution, which she promptly returned.