Clipboard researched by Susan Davis Greene, Henry Rivero, and Rick VanderKnyff / Los Angeles Times. Graphics by Doris Shields / Los Angeles Times

Passenger traffic at all five county Amtrak stations increased during the third quarter (July through September) of 1988 over 1987’s comparable period. In percentage, the biggest change was the 57.7% jump at San Clemente. In numbers of actual riders, the increase at the Santa Ana station far outpaced the others, with a whopping 55,141 more riders. Still, the Fullerton station continues to do more business than any of the other stations in the county. Here’s how 1988’s third quarter compares to 1987’s in the number of people boarding and leaving Amtrak trains in the county:

*Third Third Increase in Percent Quarter ’88 Quarter ’87 Number Difference San Clemente ** 23,744 15,054 8,690 57.7 Anaheim 169,894 148,475 21,419 14.4 Santa Ana 326,680 271,539 55,141 20.3 San Juan Capistrano 320,974 291,515 29,459 10.1 Fullerton 339,448 319,380 20,068 6.3 TOTAL 1,180,740 1,045,963 134,777 12.9

* Ended Sept. 30; most recent data available.

** Amtrak trains make four stops daily at the San Clemente station and 15 in Anaheim, compared to 16 stops at each of the other Orange County stations.


Source: Amtrak