Israel Attacks Lebanon Camps of Abu Nidal

From Times Wire Services

Israeli warplanes Thursday attacked camps belonging to Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal outside this southern port for the second straight day.

Police in Sidon said four Israeli warplanes roared over the Majdalyoun Valley before dawn, attacking camps belonging to the Revolutionary Council of Fatah, headed by Abu Nidal.

Ambulances evacuated the wounded, but a casualty count was not available, police added.

By late morning, smoke billowed from the base, which Israeli warplanes also bombed Wednesday.


The Israeli army said the base camps were used for planning and staging terrorist attacks. It did not say if the target was destroyed, only that all of its warplanes returned safely.

The attacks were the first two Israeli air raids on guerrilla targets in Lebanon this year.

At the same time, a few miles southeast in Jbaa, a pro-Iranian Shiite Muslim militia entrenched on a mountaintop turned back a rival faction in the fifth straight day of fighting.

In this latest battle between the pro-Syrian Amal militia and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah, or Party of God, at least five Amal militiamen were reported killed.