50% Pay Raise for Federal Officials

The presidential commission which recommended a salary increase for our hard-working public servants is absolutely right. These dedicated people who unselfishly look after the public interest deserve a hefty increase in pay. After all, the elected officials were patriotic enough to spend considerable time and money to be elected to these underpaid jobs.

Admittedly, they receive small benefits such as office space, office expenses, office help, tiny pensions and free postage among other little perks.

Of course, all of these elected and appointed patriots would be highly productive individuals in the private sector of our society.


The total amount for the salary increases would be only a minuscule addition to the budget deficit which could be easily equalized by cuts in appropriations for such minor matters as hunger, health, housing and education. The public should be grateful that the thoughtful gentlemen of the commission brought to our attention the sad financial status of our government officials, and that they are so generous with taxpayers’ money.

Finally, President Reagan can leave office with further enhancement of his “good guy” image.

P.S. My apologies to the Bill Bradleys, the Dan Inouyes and other good guys.


Huntington Beach