The list of names that follows is a chronological sample of the people--gang members and innocent victims--who have been killed or wounded by gang violence in Los Angeles County during the last 12 months. Gang affiliation, where indicated, is attributed to police investigators.

Jan. 30--Karen Toshima dies when she is hit by a bullet aimed at a gang member on a restaurant-lined street in Westwood Village.

Feb. 9--Wheelchair-bound grandmother Alma Lee Washington is shot and killed in her Southwest Los Angeles home, the victim of a bullet intended for her nephew, a gang member.

Feb. 15--Michael Campbell, a deaf man, is shot in the stomach and wounded when he confronts gang members selling drugs outside his apartment in Southwest Los Angeles.


Feb. 20--Gang member Jose Barrios, 23, of Maywood is shot and killed by three boys between the ages of 13 and 15 who fire from bicycles in Florence.

March 10--Gang members attack Sammy Franklin, 38, and Eugene Franklin, 40, after the brothers complain about noise. Sammy Franklin shoots and kills one gang member.

March 16--Yolanda Harbor, 13, is shot in the chest by two street gang members who ambush her and a suspected gang member on West 87th Street in retaliation for an earlier shooting.

March 21--Gang member James Nelson, 27, walking on a street in Willowbrook, is critically wounded in a drive-by shooting.

March 24--Gang member Ronnie Easley, 19, is killed and three others wounded in a drive-by shooting in the Athens area of South Los Angeles.

March 26--Gang member Chris Navarro, 13, of Pomona, is critically burned and later dies after a gang member sets a car on fire in an effort to flush out him and an older friend.

March 26--Gang member Robert DeVoux, 23, is shot to death during a fight with a rival gang in a San Pedro park.

April 1--Stacy Childress, 19, is killed and nine others--including 4-year-old Deshaun Holly--are wounded in a drive-by shooting on Good Friday at a home in Southwest Los Angeles.

April 4--Robert White, 37, a motorist driving on West 94th Street, is flagged down and shot to death and his woman companion beaten in a robbery committed by gang members.

April 13--Glen Vanderpool, 25, who had come from Portland to visit his brother and was looking for work here, is stabbed to death by gang members just west of downtown.

April 18--Irma Salcedo, 6, is shot to death and her father is fatally wounded when a gang member fires into the family’s Compton home, allegedly at the request of a neighbor who was feuding with the Salcedos.

April 19--An apparent drive-by revenge shooting kills Alejandra Malgoza, 16, of Compton, as she stands on a street corner. Her older sister says the shooting was in retaliation for Alejandra’s association with members of rival gangs.

April 29--Two suspects identified by police as South-Central Los Angeles gang members break into glass company executive Howard King’s Woodland Hills home, and hold King’s wife at gunpoint while they rob and fatally shoot King.

May 2--Businessman Henry Lee Hunter, 35, carrying a briefcase and a rolled-up newspaper, is shot to death on a Southwest Los Angeles street. Police arrest two youths, ages 15 and 17.

May 2--Gang member Clemente Gallegos, 18, is shot to death by several gang members who confront him in South Los Angeles.

May 3--Francisco Plascencia and Hugo Lopez, neither of whom are gang members, are shot and wounded on their way home from Olive Vista Junior High in Sylmar by a gang member and his brother.

May 3--Melvin D. Cook, 18, a suspected gang member, is wounded in Compton by high-powered rifle shots fired from the passing Cadillac of rival gang members.

May 9--Latonjyia Stover, 18, and Jamee Finney, 13, are shot and killed by machine-gun fire in a case of mistaken identity. Their assailants are identified by police as five members of a Southwest Los Angeles cocaine-dealing gang seeking revenge over a drug deal gone sour.

May 14--Gang member Anthony Jerome Ingram, 20, of West Covina, is fatally stabbed in a gang-related attack during a carnival at a La Puente high school.

June 3--Mario Plump, 37, is standing near a group of gang members in front of an apartment building in Compton when shots are fired from a car. Plump, not a gang member, is the only one hit, wounded critically.

June 24--As many as 20 gang members seeking revenge for the shooting of one of their own blast a rival gang member’s house in Long Beach with at least 50 bullets. No one is wounded.

July 14--San Diego State University freshman Dondrick Herod, 19, is shot in the head and killed while standing on a street corner in the South-Central Los Angeles neighborhood where he grew up.

July 20--Gang members throw a firebomb into Ramon Fuentes’ Willowbrook home and later fire shots at the dwelling, apparently in retaliation for Fuentes’ attempt to stop a drug deal.

July 31--Douglas Henegan, 21, of Panorama City, not a gang member, is killed in a park when two men drive by and fire numerous shots.

July 31--Gang member William Randle, 19, is killed and Edward Domingus, 16, is left paralyzed when a carload of rivals open fire while the victims are drinking beer in a Southwest Los Angeles park.

Aug. 2--Gang member Eugene Hicks, 19, is shot and killed in South-Central Los Angeles by a gunman who walks up to him and then flees in a car.

Aug. 4--Mark McCoy, 28, is critically wounded by a Lennox-area gang member who mistakenly thinks he is shooting a rival gang member.

Aug. 14--Victor Espinosa, 28, of Lawndale, is fatally beaten by 20 rival gang members in a San Pedro park.

Aug. 19--Sandra Maldonado, 16, riding in the back of a truck with a gang member near downtown, is shot to death and killed after the gang member starts a shoot-out with gang rivals.

Aug. 23--Gang members Anthony Smith, 18, and Gary Guyton, 34, are wounded by shots fired by as many as five gang rivals in Pasadena.

Sept. 3--Los Angeles Police Officer Daniel Pratt is shot in the face and killed after chasing a car that had allegedly been involved in a gang shooting.

Sept. 13--A man with a rifle shouts gang slogans and then shoots and kills Roger McGee, 21, who is not a gang member and is sitting alone on the steps of a Compton apartment building.

Sept. 18--Jose Lopez Maldonado, 22, is killed and Mario Antonio Urbina Figueroa, 24--both innocent bystanders--are wounded by shots from a passing car in Sun Valley.

Sept. 19--Eric Hicks, a 16-year-old gang member, is shot in the head and killed in a gun battle that litters West 43rd Street with the casings of more than 30 bullets.

Oct. 1--Ruben Rodriquez, 4, is injured by gang gunfire while playing with marbles on a sidewalk in East Los Angeles.

Oct. 7--Alex Cordoba, 14, visiting relatives in Boyle Heights, is stabbed to death by gang members who incorrectly assume he is a rival gang member.

Oct. 10--Alex Rivera, 25, of Pacoima, not a gang member, is stabbed to death while trying to stop a fight between gang members who had attended a fund-raising party to help pay for the burial of one of their “homeboys.”

Oct. 11--George Hernandez, a ninth-grade student walking to Samuel Gompers Intermediate School near Watts, is shot and wounded in an apparent gang attack.

Oct. 30--Fifteen-month-old DaLayfayette Polk is killed and nine others--none of them associated with gangs--are wounded when gang members drive by and fire shots at a birthday party in Watts.

Nov. 11--Monique Murphy, a 16-year-old who hangs out with gang members, is shot to death by assault rifle fire as she sits with two friends in a parked car in South-Central Los Angeles.

Nov. 20--David Watson, 25, Kelly Stofas, 20, and Thomas Megallon, 20, are wounded in a weekend fight with a rival gang on a school playground in Long Beach.

Dec. 3--George Lee Oates III, a 19-year-old gang member, is standing on Normandie Avenue when a car passes and shots are fired, wounding him critically.

Dec. 11--David Polion, 11, is fatally wounded when a bullet from an apparent gang fight travels 100 yards through the living room window of his Willowbrook home, where he is dancing with a cousin.

Dec. 16--Sergio Alpuche, 16, of Van Nuys, an innocent bystander shopping for Christmas presents, is fatally wounded after a fistfight and gunfire break out between rival gangs in a Panorama City shopping mall.

Jan. 3--Charles Valentine, 22, who had just pulled into an apartment complex in the Willowbrook area to visit relatives, is shot to death by Crips gang members who accuse him of being a Blood.

Jan. 16--Gang members Larry Caldwell of Altadena and Charnell Goldsmith of Pasadena are picnicking with friends in a Pasadena park when rival gang members in two cars open fire, wounding both men.

Jan. 21--Security guard David Eugene Ryan, 41, is shot to death and a 5-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy are injured in Wilmington by gang members wielding pipes and bats after Ryan stops them from crashing a teen-age girl’s birthday party.