Local News in Brief : Buena Park : Lego Promotion Clown Is Beheaded by Thieves

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The head and torso of a Lego clown worth $7,000 were stolen from the back of a K mart store in Buena Park Monday, authorities said.

The promotional clown had been used in a recent contest in which children were asked to guess how many Lego pieces had been used to build it.

An employee arriving for work reported that parts of the figure had been stolen from a locked cage behind the store at 5885 Lincoln Ave., Buena Park Officer Sharon Parsons said.


Only the clown’s head and upper torso, which had been glued together, were missing, she said.

The clown, which stood 54 inches tall and weighed 260 pounds, had been inside a 10-foot-high, chain-link fence. The fence has a sliding gate on one side, which was still locked when the theft was discovered, Parsons said.

The thieves probably stuck wooden planks through the fence and lifted over the parts during the weekend, she said.