Palestinians ‘Alien Invaders,’ Shamir Says

From Associated Press

Occupied West Bank--Israeli troops killed a Palestinian teen-ager and wounded 21 other Arabs on Sunday as Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir branded Palestinians “alien invaders” of the Holy Land.

In a nationally televised speech to his right-wing Likud Party, Shamir vowed:

“There will be no Palestinian state here. Never.”

Israel has been linked to only one people--the Jews, he said.


“Aliens, terrorists, PLO men and others are recalled in that context today. But they are brutal, wild, alien invaders in the Land of Israel that belongs to the people of Israel, and only to them.”

Merchants Close Shops

Sunday’s clashes with soldiers erupted as merchants closed shops and public transportation halted in the occupied Gaza Strip to protest Saturday’s fatal shooting of two Arab teen-agers.

Another youth, Mohammed Jamil Mattar, 17, died Sunday when soldiers fired on stone throwers in the Shati refugee camp, according to Arab hospital officials.

In Gaza, soldiers opened fire in three other refugee camps and a village, wounding 19 Palestinians, hospital officials said.

The army confirmed Mattar’s death and said it is investigating the circumstances.

The worst violence was in Gaza’s Jabaliya refugee camp, where 11 demonstrators were reported shot, including a 2-year-old boy struck in the leg by a plastic bullet.


Curfews Imposed on 3 Camps

The army imposed curfews on Jabaliya, Shati and Khan Yunis refugee camps.

Jewish settlers in Hebron, most of whom live in the center of the Palestinian city, seized two abandoned, Arab-owned buildings.

They moved into the buildings early Sunday, carrying weapons, food and mattresses. They told soldiers they would not leave unless the army took over the houses or turned them over to settlers.

The army declared the area a closed military district and sealed off an adjacent market.

After several hours of negotiations, the settlers moved out, saying they were confident the army would set up observation posts on the roofs of the houses.

10 Ultra-Orthodox Arrests

In Jerusalem, police said they arrested 10 ultra-Orthodox Jews suspected of attempted bombings and arson attacks against non-religious Jews.

Tel Aviv police commander Yigal Marcus told Israel Radio they are suspected of placing bombs along the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway on Dec. 31, bombings of three newsstands last August and setting fire to a grocery store in November after the owners ignored warnings against selling secular newspapers.

In southern Lebanon, meanwhile, Israeli troops shot to death five Palestinian guerrillas during a clash, the Israeli army and guerrilla groups said.

Differ on Targets

In a joint statement, George Habash’s Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Syrian-backed Palestine Liberation Front said the guerrillas were attacking Israeli positions inside Israel’s self-proclaimed security zone.

The Israeli army said the guerrillas planned an attack inside Israel proper.

It was the first reported attempt by a Palestine Liberation Organization faction to attack an Israeli target from Lebanon since PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat renounced terrorism and recognized Israel in December.

The Palestinian statement said other guerrillas escaped after inflicting “heavy losses in the enemy’s ranks . . . ambulances were seen rushing to the site to transfer the Israeli casualties.”

An Israeli army spokesman denied any Israelis were hurt. He said soldiers “on an operational mission” fired on guerrillas advancing toward the Israeli-policed zone, killing five.