Movie Reviews : Trite and Tedious, 'All's Fair . . .' Isn't

"All's Fair . . ." (at selected theaters) is such a dismal comedy that not even Sally Kellerman's style and panache can salvage it. Kellerman plays the elegant estranged wife of an obnoxious, military-minded candy manufacturer (George Segal) who insists that his corporate staffers, armed with paint guns, join him in war games every weekend as a test of their mettle.

When Kellerman learns that a young executive (Jennifer Edwards) is blocked from a vice presidency because she's a woman and therefore effectively barred from participating in the games, Kellerman rallies to her cause. Edwards rounds up some women friends, and Kellerman hires a mercenary (Lou Ferrigno) to get them in shape to declare war on Segal and his guys, including Robert Carradine as Edwards' competition for the vice president slot.

A quartet of writers and director Rocky Lang create only tedium with their protracted battle of the sexes. In such dire circumstances, only Kellerman is able to make an impression. "All's Fair . . ." (rated PG-13 for language), which has terrible sound and lighting, is really wretched business.

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