Local News in Brief : Seal Beach : Police Help Reunite West German Tourists

Two West German tourists who became separated while traveling north on Pacific Coast Highway have found each other, and all is well, police said Monday night.

Erich Griesboeck, 49, called Seal Beach police Sunday to report that he had become separated from his traveling companion, Anke Beate Pahl, 33.

Griesboeck had been bicycling north on Pacific Coast Highway, headed toward San Francisco, while Pahl was driving a pickup truck carrying a rack for the bike.

Seal Beach police on Sunday responded to Griesboeck's request and put out a description of Pahl. As it later turned out, Pahl also was looking for Griesboeck, but many miles to the north, in Malibu.

"His companion went to the Malibu (sheriff's) station and asked for help in finding him," Seal Beach Police dispatcher Melissa Norlund said.

"Then a radio station heard about the story and let Malibu know that her companion was also looking for her, so they finally learned about each other," Norlund said.

"The man has flown to San Francisco, and the woman is now going to drive the truck up there and meet him," he said.

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