Resolution Permits More Growth : Local News in Brief

The Avalon City Council has approved a resolution allowing construction of an additional 47 residential and 86 hotel units in the city.

Mayor Hugh T. (Bud) Smith cast the only vote against the 1989 Annual Growth Resolution approved Tuesday. He said allowing more development is unwise for Santa Catalina Island, which is suffering a third straight year of below-normal rainfall and has no firm plans for a water desalinization plant.

The City Council also unanimously approved amendments to the Avalon Local Coastal Plan that will regulate development along the shoreline and give preference to projects that include "affordable" rental housing for local workers.

The amendments also made some minor changes in an existing density-bonus program under which developers may increase density on a lot by up to 50% if the extra units are dedicated for use by those with low and moderate incomes for 15 years.

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