2 Reported Pregnant by Garvey

From Associated Press

Two women became pregnant while involved with Steve Garvey, the former All-Star first baseman of the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres who recently married a third woman, a TV station reported.

A San Diego woman, who declined to be interviewed on camera, said she recently gave birth to Garvey's child, according to a Wednesday report by San Diego TV station KNSD, an NBC affiliate.

The other woman alleging that Garvey made her pregnant is Rebecca Mendenhall, a producer for Atlanta-based Cable Television Network. She was engaged to Garvey during the past year.

A call to Garvey's office, seeking comment, was not immediately returned today.

In a videotaped interview broadcast by KNSD, Garvey did not deny the allegations and promised to assume responsibility for any offspring proven to be his. He said his new wife, interior decorator Candace Thomas, 30, of Palos Verdes, knows all about the two situations.

"I'll live up to my moral obligations, which I feel strongly about because I'm a Christian," he said.

Garvey said his new wife supports his decision to take responsibility for any children he fathered while single.

The couple was married Saturday in a private ceremony in Utah.

"I guess the true test when you love somebody, and I've told my wife about all the situations in my life--this and others--and she said that if that's the case and one woman or both don't want the child, I'll take it.

"That's the philosophy she has. On the other hand, she said, 'It's a good thing I married you to get you off the street.' "

When asked about birth control, Garvey, a Roman Catholic said: "I'd like to think that with any relationship, one of the two people assume responsibility for birth control and . . . one will say, 'I'll be responsible.'

"In both cases, I was led to believe that I wasn't responsible for birth control."

Garvey said he doesn't think any pregnancies he caused while a bachelor will hamper future political aspirations, saying people will respect his decision to support any children he fathered.

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