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An unrestrained Jessica Hahn opened fire on Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker during a live radio call-in program Thursday in Charlotte. N.C., the Bakker's back yard. Hahn, 28, a former Long Island, N.Y., church secretary, had a one-time sexual tryst with Jim Bakker that ultimately led to the collapse of his television ministry. On her first trip to Charlotte since September, 1987 (when she testified before a federal grand jury investigating the PTL founder), Hahn taunted Tammy who happened to be celebrating her 47th birthday Thursday. "Yes, today's Tammy Faye's birthday," Hahn said. "She's 67. She's aging 10 years at a time. . . . I've got a birthday present for her, a new brand of mascara. You put it on with a forklift." Hahn said she never met Tammy Faye but dislikes her anyway. One of Hahn's callers was one-time boyfriend, comedian Sam Kinison, who starred Hahn in his "Wild Thing" video. "No one can say you don't have spunk, Jessica," Kinison said.

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