Controversy Over Tower

The double standard used in the Tower nomination bothers me. On one hand, Tower can be a senator for 24 years and no one raises much of a fuss over his alleged drinking and affairs. However, when he is nominated for secretary of defense, his colleagues become concerned about his demeanor. The same can be said about former Sen. Gary Hart. While he was senator, no one cared that he womanized. But as a presidential candidate, his behavior became an issue, and so began the lies.

Since Congress gradually wields more and more power of late, especially in the area of the budget, this same standard should be applied to our congressmen and senators since ethics and behavior and conflicts of interest are now important. I see no difference between the role of a legislator and the role of a member of the executive branch. But if this is not important, then I suggest the Democrats drop the subject and stop hamstringing our nation with petty political retribution.



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