Daniels, Reds Settle Dispute With Flip

Associated Press

The Cincinnati Reds settled a contract dispute with disgruntled outfielder Kal Daniels Thursday when owner Marge Schott conducted a coin toss, which Daniels won.

Team spokesman Jon Braude said Schott called heads, but the coin came up tails. As a result, Daniels--who had walked out of training camp Wednesday--will be paid $325,000, the lowest figure he said he would accept.

Daniels, 25, who has not been in the major leagues long enough to qualify for salary arbitration, was paid $185,000 last season. The Reds reportedly offered him no more than $300,000 for 1989.


Daniels, the Reds’ left fielder, batted .291 in 140 games last season with 18 home runs and 64 runs batted in.

Schott flipped the coin after Daniels and his agent, Lou Oppenheim, met with General Manager Murray Cook and failed to reach an agreement.