UCLA's Smith Challenges Toronto Testimony

UCLA track Coach Bob Larsen said Thursday that Francis' remarks were erroneous when he said it was impossible to compete in track and field at the world-class level without the aid of chemical substances.

Larsen said that four of his athletes, Steve Lewis, Danny Everett, Mike Marsh, and Kevin Young, represented the United States in the Seoul Olympics and were tested extensively during training and while competing, especially Lewis, the gold medalist in the 400 meters.

"We're on e of the few schools that test for anabolic steroids, or any performance-enhancing drugs," Larsen said. "It's random unannounced (testing) all during the training phases and going into the competition phases. When Francis said it was impossible to compete at a world-class level without performance enhancing drugs, I know that's wrong. I don't know how many people are clean, but I know our four people were clean."

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