A Home for ‘Wired’?

Has “Wired"--the controversial John Belushi screen bio-- finally found its domestic distributor? According to several sources, serious negotiations are under way with New Visions, the company headed by film maker Taylor Hackford (“La Bamba”). And there are plans for a 700-print July release.

This after the major studios passed on the $13.5-million project.

The book on which it’s based,Bob Woodward’s 1984 best seller about the frantic rise--and druggy 1982 death of the comic star--was snubbed and reviled by many folks in Hollywood. (Most notably, those who knew/worked with Belushi.) When Feldman bought the rights, he didn’t have a lot of competition. As he told The Times last June, when the movie was shooting, “No one wanted it.”

Now the film’s odyssey has become a legend all its own.


“It’s no secret that the film’s been everywhere,” said producer Ed Feldman--who wouldn’t confirm a pending deal. (“On this movie, anything might happen.”)

He did say that screenings at the American Film Market, which wraps tomorrow, have so far generated foreign sales to England, Scandinavia, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.