SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY : Dense-Pac Microsystems Acquires British Company for $1.5 Million

Compiled by David Olmos and Kimberly Jackson, Times staff writers

In an effort to expand its presence in Europe, Dense-Pac Microsystems Inc., a Garden Grove defense electronics company, has acquired a British firm, EMM Dense-Pac Ltd., for $1.5 million.

EMM Dense-Pac, a subsidiary of British-based Electronic Memories Ltd., manufactures computer memory devices for military and industrial applications.

Dense-Pac Microsystems also makes custom computer memory chips for the military and industry.

Dense-Pac Microsystems Chairman James G. Turner said the acquisition “allows Dense-Pac to recapture the European market at a minimal cost.”


Turner said EMM was unprofitable last year on sales of about $2 million.

Dense-Pac Microsystems said it expects to complete the merger by May 27.