<i> Compiled by Jerry Gillam, Times staff writer</i>

Bill Introductions:

X-Rated Videos: AB 1242 by Assemblyman Ted Lempert (D-San Mateo) would make the sale or rental of X-rated videos to people under the age of 18 a public nuisance punishable as a misdemeanor. R-rated video sales and rentals to people under the age of 17 would require parental consent.

Agricultural Products: AB 1212 by Assemblyman Rusty Areias (D-Los Banos) would require the Department of Agriculture to create a “California grown” seal or logo for use as a marketing tool to identify state agricultural products.

Bankruptcy: AB 1225 by Assemblyman Curtis Tucker Jr. (D-Inglewood) would require employers to notify in writing all employees in the event the employer files for voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy.


Financial Disclosure: AB 1238 by Assemblyman Lempert would require incoming elected state officials and legislators and some local officials to disclose all income received during the year prior to assuming office.

Newspapers: AB 1305 by Assemblywoman Lucy Killea (D-San Diego) would require any newspaper printed or published in California to be printed on newsprint consisting of not less than 10% recycled paper.

Senate Bill Introductions: Stolen Cars: SB 901 by Sen. Cecil N. Green (D-Norwalk) would enable specially equipped police cars to track and recover stolen vehicles equipped with concealed equipment capable of broadcasting radio signals. A pilot program would be conducted in Los Angeles County to provide the Legislature with information that could lead to a statewide expansion of the program.

Lawyers: SB 905 by Sen. Ed Davis (R-Valencia) would require the State Bar to request the Supreme Court to adopt a rule providing for a mandatory continuing legal education program for lawyers starting Jan. 1, 1991.

Buses: SB 907 by Sen. Rose Ann Vuich (D-Dinuba) would require the purchase of public transit buses equipped to operate on methanol or ethanol to help reduce air pollution.

Transportation: SB 838 by Sen. Marian Bergeson (R-Newport Beach) would establish an Orange County transportation authority charged with developing a coordinated mass transportation plan for the region. It would assume the duties of the existing Orange County Transportation Commission and Transit District.

Prisons: SB 842 by Sen. Robert Presley (D-Riverside) would authorize a bond issue of an unspecified amount of money for acquisition, construction, renovation and maintenance of state youth and adult prison facilities. The bond issue would be submitted to the voters for ratification on the June, 1990, election ballot.

Safe Schools: SB 900 by Sen. Green would enact a “safe schools act” with the purpose of providing students, teachers, staff and administrators with a recommended uniform procedure for resolving safety problems in the schools.


License Plates: SB 854 by Sen. Dan McCorquodale (D-San Jose) would permit farmers and ranchers to purchase special license plates for additional fees.

Elephants: SB 892 by Sen. McCorquodale would make it a misdemeanor crime for zoo or circus elephant handlers to physically abuse the elephants.