‘Die Hard’ Hangs On to Top Spot

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Apparently none of the recent crop of movies has the clout to dethrone “Die Hard” as the No. 1 rental, but one of the new chart entries could easily take over the top spot in the next few weeks. “A Fish Called Wanda,” debuting at No. 11, has definite No. 1 potential. Another possible chart champ is “Midnight Run,” which raked in a hefty $37.2 million at the box office. “Run” sprinted onto the chart at No. 15. Look for “Big Business,” which sneaked onto the rental Top 40 at a lowly No. 35, to take a big leap next week--into the Top 10.

*"Married to the Mob” grossed a nifty $21.2 million in movie houses, but that’s not the only reason it’s such a hit rental--debuting at No. 9. Its star, Michelle Pfeiffer, is the big lure. Since “Mob’s” theatrical run, she’s appeared in “Tequila Sunrise” and earned an Oscar nomination for “Dangerous Liaisons.”


Rental Weeks Sales Top Ranking On Rental Chart Rentals Last Week Chart Ranking 1."Die Hard” 1 5 ... (CBS-Fox) 2."Bull Durham” 3 5 ... (Orion) 3."The Dead Pool” 2 6 ... (Warner) 4."The Presidio” 4 5 ... (Paramount) 5."Young Guns” 5 8 ... (Vestron) *"Married to the Mob” ... 1 ... (Orion)