‘Proud’ of Phillips Ranch Developer

I read with interest and disappointment the story about “camping out” for homes in Gfeller Development’s Country Crossings project in the Phillips Ranch community of Pomona (Times, March 2).

Those of us involved with the Phillips Ranch Homeowners Assn. are proud of the product Gfeller is building to complete residential construction in Phillips Ranch.

However, the quote by prospective buyer Cindy Morris at the end of the article, “This is not Pomona, this is Phillips Ranch,” is an example of the attitude and identity problems we have been fighting since the inception of our community.

Unfortunately, many of the original builders in Phillips Ranch made little reference to the fact that the development was in Pomona, identifying their model offices as being in “Phillips Ranch, Calif. 91766,” which many residents continue to do to this day.


The homeowners association has attempted to deal with this problem through publicity and in community meetings, and we feel that we have been somewhat successful. Residents have been reminded that, like it or not, they are a part of a century-old city that has its share of problems.

We have constantly encouraged Phillips Ranch homeowners to get involved in affairs related to changing Pomona, not just Phillips Ranch. The city’s problems, whether one is talking about school overcrowding, development, traffic or crime, are not going to be solved by ignoring or running away from them.

On behalf of the homeowners association, I would like to welcome new homeowners in Phillips Ranch to Pomona. It is my sincere hope that you will be a valuable asset to not only Phillips Ranch, but the entire city as well.





Phillips Ranch Homeowners Assn.