Alhambra : Council OKs Smoking Ban

The City Council has approved a smoking ban in city buildings and certain public areas in private facilities, such as restaurants, elevators and restrooms.

By a 5-0 vote, the council last week adopted an ordinance that will become effective July 1. The council had approved the ban in concept on Dec. 12.

Alhambra is one of a dozen cities in Los Angeles County that have adopted smoking bans. The others include Pasadena, Duarte, Los Angeles, Burbank, Manhattan Beach and Culver City.

Under Alhambra’s ban, employers with more than five employees must provide a smoke-free work area if an employee asks for it. The employer must also designate no-smoking sections in employee lounges and cafeterias that seat 10 or more people.


In restaurants with a capacity for 40 or more diners, at least 50% of the seating area must be nonsmoking. Smoking is prohibited in smaller restaurants. Violators may be fined $50 to $250.

Facilities exempted from the ordinance include bars, banquet rooms for private gatherings and private homes used as offices.