‘Designing Woman’ to Refurbish House

Times Staff Writer

It was appropriate that DELTA BURKE, a star of CBS’s “Designing Women,” made a guest appearance at the 14th annual Home Restoration & Remodeling Show, ending today at Anaheim Stadium.

Burke bought a 1931 Pasadena house in December, and now she’s busily getting ready to rehab it to live in after her wedding May 28 to GERALD McRANEY, co-star of the recently canceled detective series “Simon and Simon.”

“The grounds are already being fixed up as the first phase of some extensive remodeling that Delta is planning,” said Sharon Morrisey of Morrisey & Co. Better Homes & Gardens, who handled the sale.

“When she’s finished, her house will be wonderful, because it also has a spectacular city view. You don’t usually find houses in Pasadena on nearly three acres with panoramic views.”


Burke described her new home as “a 20-room, California Spanish Colonial.”

The stucco, two-story house has nearly 7,000 square feet under a tile roof, and there is a swimming pool on the property.

It sold, according to public records for $2,028,000.

FESS PARKER opened his $60-million Red Lion Inn in Santa Barbara two years ago in February, and now he’s trying to develop an 8 1/2-acre parcel next door to the hotel.


“Our application is for 85,000 square feet of commercial. Hopefully, we’ll be able to provide some nice shopping and amenities for our hotel visitors,” he said.

Parker was to meet last week, after our deadline, with city officials and regional officers of the state Coastal Commission. He hopes the project will be considered by the city sometime this month.

It took him 10 years to complete the Red Lion Inn, but he’s come a long way since he started “fooling around with development,” as he puts it, while working as Daniel Boone in the TV series in the 1960s.

Since he opened the Red Lion, he and his wife, Marcella, moved from that posh Santa Barbara community of Hope Ranch to their own ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley.

“We bought our ranch, and then Michael Jackson bought his,” Parker said, “but I haven’t met him yet, though we share miles and miles of fence.” Newlyweds Lee Radziwill and Herbert Ross are other new neighbors, having bought a 400-acre ranch nearby. “I’m turning my thoughts (on the ranch) to perhaps a winery,” Parker said. There are some thriving vineyards in the area, including one owned by Douglas Cramer, one of the executive producers of TV’s “Dynasty.”

MICHAEL TALLA, co-founder of The Sports Connection and affiliated Sports Club/L.A. and Sports Club/Irvine (which opened in January with VIPs helicoptered there from L.A.) has purchased a new $5-million, 10,000-square-foot home on two acres in Bel-Air Place, that community of 44 homes built on the former 109-acre estate of the late film director Howard Hawks (“Gentlemen Prefer Blonds”) and, later, oilman Howard Keck.

Spielman-Cohen Builders constructed the Mediterranean-style home--with tennis court, pool and guest house. Partner Howard Cohen said Talla’s home is the “last spec house” to be built on the former estate, and $5 million is the highest price he’s heard anyone paying in the neighborhood, which has such residents as Magic Johnson, Jerry West, KABC Radio talk-show host Michael Jackson and Richard Pryor.

Never mind the rock slides, floods and fires that plagued Malibu in the past:


Malibu today is drawing more big-buck home buyers than ever, judging from statistics just compiled by DICK LOWE of Malibu Country Realty.

During 1988, he figures, 66 homes were sold for $1 million-$2 million. Only 48 in that range were sold in 1987. During 1988, 21 homes were sold for $2 million to $3 million. Only 13 were sold at those prices in 1987. During 1988, six homes were sold at $3 million-$4 million. Two in that category were sold in 1987. Two were also sold at more than $4 million, but that was true both years.

This year, six homes already have been sold, he said, for $1 million-$2 million, two have been sold for $2 million-$3-million, and one was sold at $3 million-$4-million. But there are still 13 Malibu homes for sale at more than $4 million each.

JEFF HYLAND, who co-authored the $100 coffee table book “The Estates of Beverly Hills,” says his phone has been ringing night and day, asking where the latest edition went since we announced it would be on the bookstore shelves Valentine’s Day. The latest, second, edition was expected to be in the bookstores then but didn’t make it.

“It’s off the press and at the bindery now, so it should be in the bookstores in about a month,” Hyland, a Beverly Hills real estate broker, said.