Discounts for England

Travelers who expect to visit England might be interested in a London Passport discount booklet being marketed by Printaction.

The booklet contains 100 vouchers for dining, nightlife, sightseeing and such services as beauty parlors and health clubs. Discounts range from 10% to 50%. Some vouchers offer a two-for-one deal. Vouchers also indicate where to stop on the underground (tube).

Travelers can save up to $3,500 if all of the coupons are used, according to Printaction.

The vouchers are valid until the end of November. The booklet costs $9.95 in the United States. Add $1 for postage and handling.


Among the attractions are Kensington Palace, Madame Tussaud’s, Royal Academy of Art, London Dungeon, Tower Bridge, Beefeater Club, Catamaran Cruises and London Diamond Centre.

Contact Printaction at 2401 Westlake Drive, Austin, Tex. 78746, or call toll-free (800) 356-8212.

If you plan to roam outside of London, check into the new Flexipass of BritRail that allows travelers to break their rail journeys. You can buy a pass for 4 of 8 days or 8 of 15 days.

Hertz has a new rail/drive program with BritRail’s Flexipass. In addition to unlimited use of the rail pass, you can get a Hertz rental car during the same two time periods.


The four or eight car-rental days don’t have to be consecutive, and you get unlimited mileage. The autos can be picked up and dropped off at any Hertz location without extra charge.

The rail portion of the package is second-class. You can get an upgrade to first-class for $50 on the four of eight-day version and $75 for the longer plan, according to Hertz.

The Hertz rail/drive package is based on two people traveling together and starts at $370 ($185 per person) for the 4 of 8-day pass and $568 ($284 per person) for the 8 of 15-day pass.

Combining rail and car travel allows you to devise an increased variety of itineraries. Hertz has locations at 100 major British rail stations, 11 airports and 89 other places throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The rail/auto passes have to be bought in the United States. Car reservations should be made at least a week before departure from the United States. However, you can also make bookings in Great Britain.

Contact your travel agent or Hertz at (800) 654-3131.