They’re Only Human

The report about the conference on women in the media (“For Women in the Media, the Picture Is Still Gloomy” by Elaine Woo, Feb. 27) reminded me once again that feminists all too often believe that women are or should be superhuman. But they are not, and it is therefore in the nature of things for the foreseeable future that not many women will be found in the upper reaches of the media--print or radio and television. All these are the positions that demand extraordinary time and responsibility and women who have a family and growing children and who are not superhuman can seldom be expected to have sufficient energy and devotion to give to both these areas of their lives.

It also is too easily forgotten that there is a difference between women and men and that generally men do not have the same day-to-day responsibilities for home and children (exceptions granted); not to forget the many single mothers who have the burden all alone--career, home and children.

It seems to me therefore perfectly natural that after a number of years in which rapid progress was made by women breaking into higher paid, more responsible positions, a “plateau” has now been reached from which only a few more women will be able to reach further heights. This to me does not seem deplorable. There is simply a limit for every person’s strength.


Santa Monica