Matter of Gideon Bibles

Your article regarding the complaints by various atheist groups against the placing of Gideon Bibles in hotels was entertaining, thought-provoking and absolutely great.

I still believe in a God, but I am one of those people who thinks that whether or not one believes in God makes absolutely no difference in one’s personal life here on Earth. Belief in God won’t cause you to make more money, marry a better-looking woman, increase your chances of winning the lottery or decrease your chances of becoming afflicted with a catastrophic illness. Belief in God will not necessarily even give your life more meaning or purpose or anything, any more than belief in anything else.

I personally have no idea what is the moral or point of a great many biblical stories, not to mention their believability.

I hope that some major hotel chain takes a stand and takes the Bibles out of their rooms on the grounds that it’s pointless, irrelevant and a waste of paper and printing cost.