UCLA Changes Football Seating Plan

UCLA will have a new seating plan for its home football games at the Rose Bowl this season, with donors getting top priority, the school said Monday.

The Rose Bowl has been divided into three areas--gold, blue and public--and season-ticket holders will be required to contribute a minimum of $750 to purchase up to six seats at midfield in the gold area. A contribution of $1,500 is required for eight prime seats and a contribution of $5,000 is required for 10 seats at midfield.

For seats between the 10- and 25-yard lines--the blue area--a contribution of $250 will be required to buy four seats.

The public seating area extends from near the 10-yard line to the end zones.

Season tickets for six home games in 1989 are priced at $136 for midfield seats and $124 for blue area seats. Season public seats are $112.


Current season-ticket holders who are not donors will have a one-year grace period and may retain up to four tickets this season.

UCLA is notifying season-ticket holders by mail.

USC has long given priority on season tickets to donors.