Angels’ Joyner Expects to Take Batting Practice in a Few Days

Angel first baseman Wally Joyner, who sprained his ankle Tuesday evening while shooting baskets with friends during a family picnic in Mesa, Ariz., expects to be taking batting practice and ground balls in a few days.

X-rays of Joyner’s left ankle were negative; and Jules Rasinski, the team physician, diagnosed the injury as a slight sprain. The Angel training staff estimates it will be 10 days before Joyner can run on the ankle.

“I jumped out instead of up (taking a shot) and came down and sprained it,” Joyner said. “What’s frustrating is that I decided not to play, but just to shoot around and still got hurt.

“I made a mistake I regret.”


General Manager Mike Port was highly unsympathetic Wednesday and said Joyner had failed to live up to his obligations to ownership, teammates and the fans by taking even “a shred of risk.”

“Regarding Mike’s comments, I haven’t read them,” Joyner said. “However, I made the mistake. I had ample days in the off-season to play basketball. I had a commitment to myself and the ballclub not to jeopardize the season.”