IN BRIEF : Sooner Aide Reportedly on Way Out

David Swank, the interim president of the University of Oklahoma, has asked for the resignation of Oklahoma assistant football coach Scott Hill, according to published reports.

The Daily Oklahoman reported in today’s editions that a member of the university’s board of regents said Swank asked for the resignation because of Hill’s role in the NCAA violations that led to a three-year probation for the Oklahoma football program.

The newspaper said an informed source told it that Hill is expected to submit his resignation.

Two other regents, who also asked not to be identified, said Swank said in an executive session Wednesday that he did not believe Hill and assistant coach Mike Jones should be rehired. Jones also was involved in the NCAA violations.


“Mike Jones is a separate issue apparently,” the newspaper quoted the regent as saying. “Nothing will happen on that between now and a month from now, and maybe not then.”

The NCAA accused Hill of letting a player use his car, of letting another player use his credit card to make $266 worth of long distance calls and of being involved, with a booster, in a series of illegal contacts in California. Jones allegedly gave money to a prospective recruit, who later signed with another school.