In Defense of a ‘Homemaker From the Midwest’

Some of the March 12 letter writers seemed to be outraged about Rakolta’s protest against the TV series “Married . . . With Children.” I don’t know if I share Mrs. Rakolta’s views about television, but I do know that homemakers from the Midwest have as much right to become outraged and write letters as Calendar readers from West Hollywood.

Now let’s get to the real point. Mrs. Rakolta is a homemaker who lives in an upper-class, mostly white suburb. What if she wasn’t rich? And what if her campaign was against sponsors of a program that treated the handicapped unfairly? Or if her target was a pro-South-African-government program?

I ask the Calendar readers who were outraged if their reactions would be the same under those circumstances.

If the letters I saw are any indication, those who are crying the loudest are not protesting what Mrs. Rakolta did but who she is and what she is defending--the American family.