Tightening Border to Stop Illegal Aliens

In an article about the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service’s sweep (Orange County section, March 9), Amin David of the Los Amigos group said the INS exaggerates complaints about day workers who loiter all over Chapman Avenue.

I live by Chapman, and I assure you these problems are not exaggerated. May I remind you the INS picked up 156 men who are in our country illegally. Our country cannot solve all the problems of the Third World. Our tax dollars should go to our own U.S. citizens. These men are illegally in our country, and then they wait around for jobs where they will be paid under the table where no tax dollars will be paid.

I am so tired of these men urinating in the parking lots, harassing women, wandering through my neighborhood, laying all over the bus benches and littering. Crime has gone up in areas where these men hang out. I see them stealing in the market all the time.

People are fooling themselves if they don’t think our country has a serious problem with this huge influx of illegals. This is an invasion! Money is tight with our government, and we can’t afford to let this problem get worse. Our borders need to be tightened, these people just can’t be allowed to swarm into our country illegally.