‘California’s Children’

Thank you for the editorial which so forcefully made the case for involvement in achieving commitment for “expanding the horizons of all children.”

While I would not presume to speak for the members of such groups as the Los Angeles Children’s Roundtable, the Los Angeles County Commission for Children and the many other citizens who are working diligently to ensure the “brighter future” of which you speak, I would imagine that they would share the delight of the three local segments of Children’s Research Institute of California (Foster Care, Child Health and Child Development) in the focus and attention you have called to the plight of the increasing number of children in our state who need the coordinated efforts of all to develop comprehensive policies and programs.

As the editorial comments, it is essential that we as private citizens, as business people and as voters participate as shapers of policy and make our concerns known to the legislature at both the state and federal levels.



Los Angeles Foster Care Network