Changes in Air Passes

Some South American countries have made changes this year on air passes.

The passes, which have to be bought in the United States, generally enable travelers to fly within a country on any airline.

However, if your flight to a country is on the same airline that offers the pass within its borders, such as to Peru, you could get a lower price. Also, most of the air passes won’t let you fly to a city more than once except for connecting flights.

Aerolineas Argentinas has two Visit Argentina passes. You can fly to Argentina on any airline. A 30-day pass, for $290, allows unlimited stopovers. A 14-day version for $199 permits three stopovers plus the gateway city of Buenos Aires.


AeroPeru and Faucett Peruvian Airlines are offering a 30-day Visit Peru Pass for $180, with unlimited stopovers if you fly to Peru on those carriers. It’s $250 if you fly on another airline.

Avensa Air Lines’ airpass provides unlimited stopovers in Venezuela. It also includes Aruba and Bonaire in the Caribbean for $110, seven days; $125, 14 days, and $139, 21 days.

Avianca features an eight-day Discover Colombia fare for $112, including Bogota and 10 stopovers. The 30-day Visit Colombia pass offers Bogota and 10 stopovers for $224. Both passes cost extra--$190 and $325, respectively, if you include Leticia, gateway for the Amazon area, and San Andres in the Caribbean.

Several options are available under Lan Chile’s Visit Chile fare. With the 21-day Continental One pass for $299, you can visit Santiago and eight other cities. Pacific One offers round-trip Santiago-Easter Island flights for $369.


Priced at $520, Pacific Two and Three provide visits to Santiago, plus five stopovers in either northern or southern Chile. Easter Island can be one of the five stopovers.

Varig has dropped its 14-day Brazil Airpass, but you can still get the 21-day version that allows unlimited stopovers for $330.

Air passes within other South American countries may also be offered by other airlines. Check with travel agents or the carrier of the country or countries that interest you.

Toll-free numbers: Aerolineas Argentinas, (800) 333-0276; AeroPeru, (800) 255-7378; Avensa, (800) 872-3533; Avianca, (800) 284-2622; Faucett, (800) 334-3356; Lan Chile, (800) 735-5526, and Varig (800) 468-2744.