NAMES IN THE NEWS : 1st Woman in Top State Dept. PR Job

<i> From Times wire services </i>

The Baker era began publicly at the State Department today with the naming of a new spokesperson, Margaret Tutwiler.

Although there have been previous acting spokeswomen in the State Department’s history, Tutwiler, as assistant secretary of state for public affairs, will be the first woman to hold the top-ranking post.

As spokeswoman for Secretary of State James A. Baker III, she replaces Charles E. Redman, who was spokesman for George P. Shultz. Redman has been named ambassador to Sweden.

Showing some signs of nervousness as she took the podium today before State Department reporters, Tutwiler said: “I am not and do not claim to be an expert on foreign policy. But I do claim to have a fair amount of experience with working with the press and I do know this President and this secretary of state very well.”


She said, “I have no intention of ever standing up here and winging it, or guessing or misleading.”