The Scene: Thursday night’s premiere of “A...

The Scene: Thursday night’s premiere of “A Sinful Life,” the new comedy from IRS World Media. The flick, starring Anita Morris and Blair Tefkin, is billed as “a desperate search for love, happiness and a new sofa.” The evening was a benefit for the Casa del Sol AIDS Hospice, a new board and care facility in Silver Lake. The film screened at the Nuart Theater in West L.A., and guests later adjourned to the nearby Dolores coffee shop for dessert.

The Buzz: The guest list seemed equally split between industry types and people concerned with health care. Along with talk of the next big trend in movies, there was discussion of what might be the next big breakthrough in AIDS research.

Who Was There: Cast members Morris, Tefkin and Rick Overton; Devo lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh; actress Adrienne Barbeau; actor William Katt; “Dreamgirls” playwright Tom Eyen; screenwriter Melanie Graham; director William Schreiner; and executive producers Miles Copeland III and Paul Colichman.

Dress Mode: Nondescript, except for a large crowd of colorful transvestites who seemed to be on a field trip and were invited for the occasion. (A transvestite character figures prominently in the film.)


Chow: Like the less-than-classy characters in “A Sinful Life,” guests snacked on sheet cakes a la mode and cheap Cold Duck.

Favors: Guests could exchange their ticket stubs at a local record store for a copy of a new album by Timbuk 3, which includes the title song.

Overheard: “Why are there drag queens here?” one man asked. “There’s a transvestite in the picture,” his friend replied. The first man thought a minute then replied, “Well thank God there aren’t Shiite terrorists in the film.”

Money Matters: The premiere was eminently affordable. Tickets were $10, or $25 for the screening and the party afterward. By evening’s end, $9,600 had been raised for Casa del Sol.


Triumphs: The evening was supremely tacky, which in this case perfectly reflected the humor of the movie. Screenwriter Melanie Graham made a scene at the party when she swigged Cold Duck straight from the bottle.

Glitches: Too many people in one tiny room. Many guests came in, saw the packed crowd, and were back out the door again without ever entering the party.