New York City Puts Sharp Curbs on Pit Bulls

From Associated Press

The city is getting tough on the pugnacious pit bull terrier, barring the breed from taking up residence and requiring photos and tattoos of those already here.

The Board of Health adopted a health code amendment Monday that requires that all pit bull terriers be registered, spayed or neutered and identified by photographs and tattooing.

The regulations, which go into effect in 30 days, require also that the animals be muzzled whenever there is any potential contact with the public, that they be on a leash when outside the owner’s home and that signs be posted on the premises indicating the presence of a pit bull.

The terriers, which were long ago bred to fight bulls for sport, have been known to turn on humans without warning and bite or maul them.


All pit bulls must be registered with the city Department of Health before Oct. 1, and owners must have proof of liability insurance of at least $100,000.