NAMES IN THE NEWS : Bush Drops In on a High School

<i> From Times wire services </i>

George Bush dropped in unannounced at a suburban high school today, eating lunch in the school’s cafeteria, visiting a computer center and telling students “you learn something from every step outside the White House you take.”

Bush first chatted with students in James Madison High School’s computer center. Then he sat on a stool in the school’s library and answered questions for nearly 30 minutes.

The President talked about “this stupid abuse of drugs,” and said “we’ve got to mobilize the entertainment media” to combat drugs, suggesting that movies have tended to glamorize drug use over the years.

Answering a question about international terrorism, Bush said: “It’s like dealing with fog--you can’t get hold of it very well.”


One student asked Bush how a President “has time to visit a high school.”