Glendale Eases Rules Governing News Racks

In response to complaints from newspaper wholesalers, the Glendale City Council slightly modified strict rules governing the height and placement of news racks throughout the city this week.

The change permits vendors to use racks that are up to 48 inches tall. A 42-inch limit had been imposed in rules adopted in November.

Vendors complained that the height limit was unnecessarily restrictive because only one manufacturer makes a rack low enough to comply with it.

The complaints were lodged after the city confiscated almost 50 racks in December and tagged several hundred others for seizure, mostly for exceeding the height limit.


The racks contained both local and national publications, including the New York Times, USA Today and the Los Angeles Times.

Although council members agreed to modify the rule, they ordered that no racks be placed along curbs at crosswalks where a row of tall boxes might obscure a motorist’s view of a child about to enter the street.