It’s a good weekend to go continental. The winner of the 1987 Academy Award for best foreign film, “Babette’s Feast” (Orion, $79.98, G), is a Danish drama about a vicar’s daughter who prepares a special meal for a one-time beau. Gabriel Axel wrote and directed. “A delectable fable told with passion, intelligence and sumptuousness,” Sheila Benson wrote in The Times.

Also nominated for last year’s foreign film Oscar, “Au Revoir les Enfants” (Orion, $79.98, PG) is an autobiographical film recounting director Louis Malle’s childhood amid the anti-Semitism of Nazi-occupied France. “One of the best films of this or any other year,” Kevin Thomas wrote in The Times.

The domestic product isn’t in the same league. There’s that 102-minute commercial for McDonald’s, “Mac and Me” (Orion, $89.98, G), which is, Michael Wilmington wrote in The Times, “an amazingly bald-faced copy of ‘E.T.’ . . . but it’s ‘E.T.’ in a sticky wrapper.” At least it might be suitable for little kids--which is more than can be said for “White Hot” (Academy, $79.95, R, Robby Benson directed, Tawny Kitaen stars, subject: drug dealer), “The Bronx Executioner” (Cannon/Warner, $59.95, unrated, subject: apocalyptic androids), “Love at Stake” (Nelson, $89.98, R, SCTV’s Dave Thomas stars in this satire on witchcraft) or “Twisted Nightmare” (TWE, $79.95, R, another “Friday the 13th” ripoff).



Speaking of little kids-- very little ones--if you have them but don’t get cable, then note that two half-hour tapes drawn from the Canadian series “Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Elephant Show” (shown on Nickelodeon cable) are now available (A&M;, $14.98 each). “Sleep Over” is a complete episode, a 12-song slumber party. “Live in Your Living Room” is a compilation of 11 songs (including the ever-popular “Eensy Weensy Spider”) in a concert setting.